MAIAS training has been developed to support AMPs with ISV Medical Assessment Report quality compliance

Training commences from September 2020 and will be delivered through various modalities including face to face training (when permitted) and publication of materials within a dedicated secure area of the website. Further details and times will be provided at a later date.

Training content will reference accreditation requirements including relevant sections of the Civil Liability Act and Regulations, the MAIAS Training Manual, the American Medical Association Guide to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment 5th Edition (AMA 5) or the Guide to the Evaluation of Psychiatric Impairment for Clinicians (GEPIC). A summary of the training topics is provided below:


  • Expectations for assessing Injury Stability
  • Applying the Spine Chapter – DRE or ROM
  • Application of the Pain chapter AMA 5, Chapter 18 and an overview of common errors from the 2019 audit
  • Using skin and scarring Item Numbers
  • Assessing resolved or non-MVA related injuries
  • Delivering high quality ISV Medical Assessments

Pure Mental Harm

  • GEPIC assessment - Matching symptoms to functions:
  • Delivering high quality GEPIC Assessments and the difference between Pure Mental Harm and Consequential Mental Harm.

Should you have any questions or suggestions for additional training topics, please call 1300 303 558 or email MAIAS@sa.gov.au.