The Attorney-General has approved amendments

On 20 January 2021, the Attorney-General, as the designated minister, approved the following amended ISV medical assessment report templates:

This form is prescribed under Regulation 23(2) of the Civil Liability Regulations 2013 (CLR) by the Attorney-General and must be used unmodified with all sections completed.

To provide time for implementation of the new templates, the MAIAS Administrator will allow a requestor to accept the previous templates until 28 February 2021.  After this date, the requestor can return your report and ask that it is resubmitted on the correct template.

The templates have been updated to reflect the introduction of the Uniform Civil Rules 2020 and to include additional guidance throughout the headings of the report to support Accredited Medical Practitioners (AMPs) understand their legislative and regulatory obligations. Some examples of the guidance added for all templates are:

  • Including a comprehensive history to assist the parties in determining the level of impact of the injury(ies).
  • Providing an opinion for each accident related injury separately with detailed reasons (from your history or clinical assessment) for each question in the ‘Opinion’ section. Injuries can be grouped in one sentence (where the rationale supplied is relevant to multiple injuries) but each injury must be mentioned.
  • Providing an opinion for each ISV Item Number assigned with detailed reasons for selecting, with reference to the guidance provided for each ISV Item Number in the descriptors located in Appendix C, Schedule 1 CLR.
  • Providing information about capacity for activities of daily living and work in the ‘present status of medical condition’ section and opinion for future treatment in the ‘prognosis’ section.

For the physical injury template

  • Highlighting the requirements of Regulation 16 of the Civil Liability Regulations 2013 (CLR) when stating a whole person impairment.

For the pure mental harm injury templates

  • Including guidance on what to document in the ‘History’ section
  • Including detailed reasoning for each Mental Function Class of Impairment for the GEPIC rating.

If you have any questions, please contact us on 1300 303 558 or at MAIAS@sa.gov.au.