You will learn what is expected in a quality ISV report and why it is important. Each question of the prescribed template will be covered with practical examples to demonstrate the level of detail required and how information can be presented

The training will consolidate an understanding of how the information is used for the purpose of advancing the settlement of the claim and how the review criteria are considered in the performance monitoring process to assess quality reports.

Physical: Quality report writing – ISV medical assessments
Presented by Dr Dwight Dowda

Date:   Friday 16 April 2021
9am – 12 noon

Venue: Hilton Hotel (233 Victoria Square, Adelaide)

Pure Mental Harm: Delivering quality GEPIC ISV reports – the clinical and GEPIC assessment and a legal perspective of pure mental harm

Presented by Dr Michael Epstein and Guy Biddle, Finlayson Lawyers

Date:   Friday 23 April 2021
9am – 12 noon

Venue: Hilton Hotel (233 Victoria Square, Adelaide)

For AMPs unable to attend the face-to-face sessions, alternative options are:

  • Attendance via Zoom - if this is preferred, please tell us when registering for a session with MAIAS. Zoom attendees will be contacted closer to the date to provide instructions on joining the session.
  • Video on MAIAS website - the training session videos and materials will be available to all AMPs soon after the face-to-face sessions.

By attending in person you will be able to connect with peers, engage in discussion on the content and be able to ask questions of the presenter(s).

If you have not yet registered  and would like to attend either face-to-face or via Zoom, please contact MAIAS on 1300 303 558 or at MAIAS@sa.gov.au.