Scheme Rules

Scheme rules prescribe the regulatory and service standards required for medical practitioners to achieve and maintain accreditation under the MAIAS.

MAIAS Training Manual 4th Edition

The Training Manual used for the 2022 to 2025 accreditation period and is a reference for Accredited Medical Practitioners undertaking ISV Medical Assessments.

Published report templates

The templates must be used for ISV Medical Assessment reports

Assessments completed after 1 October 2022

Assessments completed before 1 October 2022

Register of Accredited Medical Practitioners

The MAIAS Administrator maintains a register of all medical practitioners who are accredited to undertake Injury Scale Value (ISV) Medical Assessments. Accredited Medical Practitioners are required to notify the MAIAS Administrator of any change to their details.

The MAIAS has the following resources available to Accredited Medical Practitioners. None of the resources listed are compulsory for MAIAS accreditation nor are they endorsed by MAIAS.


A text book published by the American Medical Association providing an illustrated guide to conducting Range of Motion Assessments using AMA 5.

Authors: John Gerhardt, Linda Cocchiarella, Randall Lea

The MAIAS has 5 copies available for Accredited Medical Practitioners for short-term loan. This can be arranged by contacting MAIAS on 1300 303 558.


Accredited Medical Practitioners undertaking ISV Medical Assessments that require a Range of Motion Assessment (ROM) of the Spine must use an inclinometer to record measurements (as detailed in AMA 5 Chapter 15, 15-8b, page 400.)

The MAIAS has 11 inclinometers available to Accredited Medical Practitioners for short term loan. This can be arranged by contacting MAIAS on 1300 303 558.