In the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance Scheme, an injured road user may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. Some types of compensation are subject to a threshold based on the Injury Scale Value (ISV) of the injuries. When the person’s injuries have stabilised the ISV can be agreed by the parties to the claim. This may include undertaking an ISV medical assessment.

Injury Scale Value

The Injury Scale Value (ISV) is a measure of injury severity that assigns a value between 0 and 100 for an injury, based on available medical evidence. It also gives consideration to the impact of injuries on a person.

The ISV Table is used to determine an Injury Scale Value.

ISV medical assessments

An ISV medical assessment requires an Accredited Medical Practitioner to complete a whole person impairment assessment for physical injuries or a GEPIC assessment for pure mental harm and provide independent medical and opinion on the most appropriate injury Item Number for each injury assessed from the Ranges of Injury Scale Values table in Schedule 1 of the Civil Liability Regulations 2013 (the ISV Table).

A report is provided to the requestor and used by the parties to the claim to assist in determining an ISV from the item number range.

There are three approved ISV medical assessment report templates that must be used by Accredited Medical Practitioners in their assessments. One is for Physical injury(ies) and the other for Pure Mental Harm.

The third is for use when reporting an ISV medical assessment undertaken via Telehealth for Pure Mental Harm. It includes a declaration which must be signed by the AMP. This is being trialled, until 13 April 2023.

To support this trial, the MAIAS has a Protocol for Pure Mental Harm ISV Medical Assessments to outline the obligations of AMPs, and a new rule has been issued for the trial period under MAIAS Rule 6 - Service Standards.

A consent form and information sheet for claimants are available for download.

ISV medical assessment fees

ISV medical assessment fees are paid at the same rate as Permanent Impairment Assessor fees for ReturnToWorkSA. Visit for more information.

The requestor pays for the assessment and the resultant report unless the insurer has approved the assessment (Regulation 25 of the Civil Liability Regulations 2013). The Accredited Medical Practitioner should send their report and account to the requestor, unless advised otherwise.