When an ISV medical assessment is required, a CTP Insurer has responsibilities to:

  • Review whether the claimant’s injury or injuries are stable based on available medical evidence
  • Plan the ISV medical assessment in accordance with obligations set out in Regulator Rule 9
  • Review the ISV medical assessment report to ensure the report has been appropriately completed on the prescribed report template with no amendment or deletion of any section, heading or question.

ISV Medical Assessment Report

  • A CTP Insurer should check that ISV medical assessment reports have been completed using the published ISV medical assessment report template without alteration. If an incorrect or altered template has been used, the CTP Insurer should request the Accredited Medical Practitioner to resubmit the report. There is no additional charge for a resubmitted report.
  • A CTP Insurer must, on receipt of a medical report relevant to a claim, provide a copy of the report to the claimant within 21 days.
  • Where a CTP Insurer has arranged an ISV medical assessment or provided approval for an assessment arranged by the claimant or their lawyer, the CTP Insurer must pay for the report.