The MAIAS Administrator administers and manages the Scheme by:

  • prescribing the processes and documentation of the MAIAS
  • prescribing accreditation training courses and overseeing their implementation
  • making recommendations to the Minister for approval of applicants who meet the accreditation criteria
  • monitoring the performance of Accredited Medical Practitioners to ensure conformity with accreditation obligations
  • conducting investigations into alleged breaches of these conditions and imposing sanctions
  • maintaining and keeping an up to date register of all Accredited Medical Practitioners
  • ensuring continuing oversight of the MAIAS.

The administration and management of the MAIAS is delegated by the Minister to the MAIAS Administrator, in accordance with Section 76 (3) of the Civil Liability Act 1936.

On 20 February 2019, the designated Minister appointed the CTP Regulator as the MAIAS Administrator.

On 3 February 2022 the Treasurer was appointed as the designated Minister for the purposes of section 76 of the Civil Liability Act 1936. Prior to this date, the Attorney-General was the designated Minister.